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Vincent Initiates Operation Clean Campus

The Vincent Middle School National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is making strides to keep their school clean and positive by starting two initiatives “Operation Clean Campus” and “Encouraging Walls.”   

The focus of the clean campus project is to make Vincent look even better and maintain a respectable environment for classmates to learn. Members began straightening up around the school last Friday and will continue every other Friday until the end of the school year.

“By picking up trash around the campus, we hope to leave our mark on Vincent by making sure it is seen as a clean, friendly school,” said NJHS President Paige Jordan. “We have a campus with bright students and taking away messy distractions will help us reach our highest potential.”

Members are also creating “Encouraging Walls” strategically placed throughout the building which will contain positive thoughts and sayings for fellow classmates. “We are trying to create and maintain a motivational atmosphere on our campus,” said sponsor Wynett Rideaux. “I’m proud of the work these students are doing to make our campus a better place.”