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Curtis Students Score a Touchdown

Curtis Elementary fifth-graders enjoyed an engaging Super Bowl themed lesson combining math and science.

Kamryn Uribe’s classroom was decorated with colors for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Acting as a referee, Uribe would blow the whistle when it was time to switch from one of six stations. Students learned about math multiplication facts focusing on measurements, created Google slides explaining each step of the scientific method, identified conductors and insulators in a circuit lab, looked at varying ability levels in the room with task cards, found the area of the base and the volume of a shoebox and explored snap circuits.

“Each student had a chance to predict the Super Bowl winner at the end of the class,” explained Uribe. “Students received an extra point for good behavior and touchdown points for extending their thinking with special questions at each station.” The team at the end with the most points got an extra treat. 

“The whole class was engaged and learning. Everyone received a treat because I was so impressed,” said Uribe. “The lesson was fun and helped prepare them for their science fair projects.”