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Taylor Racks Up Ribbons at State Competition

Taylor Career and Technology students took their teaching talents to represent Beaumont ISD at the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) State Competition.

TAFE encourages students to learn about careers in education and assists them in exploring the teaching profession while promoting character, service and leadership skills necessary for becoming effective educators.

More than 2,400 future educators from around the state participated in the three-day “Teach Tomorrow Summit.” Attendees heard keynote speakers, attended discussion group sessions and competed in various events. 

Congratulations to the following students:

Fabiola Chan, Isabel Valdez (Beaumont United) - Teacher Created Materials-Elementary - Blue Ribbon

Gabriela Torres, Ronja’Nae Cheneau (Beaumont United) - Interactive Bulletin Board-Elementary- Blue Ribbon

Monica Nieto, Ruth Rodriguez (Beaumont United) - Interactive Bulletin Board-Secondary - Blue Ribbon

Tiana Linson, Essence Coleman, Skylar Kirk (Beaumont United) - Project Visualize-Service - Red Ribbon 

Ja’Quala Pickens (Beaumont United) - Portfolio - Gold Certificate

Erika Avarado, Maria Molana, Fatima Olvera (Beaumont United) - Teacher Created Materials/Elementary

Erika Avarado, Fatima Olvera (Beaumont United) - Children’s Literature/PreK-K

Skylar Kirk (West Brook) - Lesson Planning and Delivery for Art and Job Interview