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Fletcher Students Are Red Carpet Ready

Fourth graders at Fletcher Elementary dressed to impress with a full-day of writing activities, games, guest speakers and an awards presentation.

The annual formal writing event was created in preparation for the upcoming STAAR test. “It encourages students to be red carpet ready for their big day,” said Pre-K teacher Megan Griffin. “Many teachers will dress up as well to encourage the exercise.” 

The “Colorful Writing Gala” kicked off with motivational speakers Christopher Williams and Jeremy Williams who both emphasised, "If you can read, you can write. If you can write, then you can read. It goes hand and hand, and it is a necessary tool in life.” 

Students began their writing exercise after given a prompt and papers to be graded and ranked as they were completed. After lunch, they had time to continue writing their draft if needed. Students rotated through stations with writing games and chromebook activities related to language arts. 

Teachers graded the compositions while students went to PE or music class. A ceremony was held at the end of the day where each student received a certificate for completing "Colorful Writing" at the awards presentation.

“This event is important for our students to highlight the importance of writing,” said Jada Saveat. “Writing allows you to be as creative as you want to be.”