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AR At-Home Usage

Dear Parents and Students,

Your teachers are hard at work creating materials so your education can continue at home.  We will open an Online Learning Platform available starting March 30 on the BISD website at as well as paper packets that can be picked up at your campus starting the week of March 30 every Wednesday and Friday between 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM for the duration of our school closure.

In the meantime, please set aside time each day to read, read, read!  Daily reading is the best way to grow your mind and increase your reading level.  We are asking every BISD student, PreK - 12th grade, to read for at least 1 hour each day.  You can break up that time as you like, but a good recommendation is to read continuously for 20 minutes or more at a time.

We have opened up the Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader program to use at home for all BISD students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  As you complete a book, take the quiz over it and strive to achieve 80% or better on every quiz.  Your teacher will be able to see your progress, so please only take quizzes over books that are at your appropriate reading level and that you have actually completed.

Students will log on to Renaissance Learning using Clever.  Go to 

Your child's ID (Lunch) number is the user name.  Your child's birthday (two digit month, day, year) is the password.  For example, March 27, 2008 would be 032708. Remember, you have thousands of engaging books available to you on MyOn.  To access MyOn, log in through Clever.  

Parents, please sign up for Home Connect access at:

This will allow you to view a virtual bookshelf showing everything your child has tested over in AR.  Your child's ID (Lunch) number is the user name. Your child's birthday (two digit month, day, year) is the password.  You can also sign up for Email alerts in the upper right of the Home Connect screen. It will email you every time your child takes an AR quiz and provide you with the score immediately.

Finally, check out our BISD reading support site at   You will have access to printable reading response organizers, reading logs, writing journals, and much more!  We update content on the site regularly, so please keep checking back in.

Students and parents, I am depending on you to continue to make every moment matter even when we are not in our traditional school setting!  Use this time to improve your reading performance through great practice to become a stronger reader. Make it a daily priority. I look forward to seeing your progress soon so make the time at home count!


Dr. Shannon Allen