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Pietzsch-MacArthur Expansion Information

Pietzsch-MacArthur Expansion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When will this expansion take place?


The Pietzsch-MacArthur campus will begin accepting sixth-grade students during 

the 2020-21 school year.


Why is the BISD administration expanding Pietzsch-MacArthur?


Expanding Pietzsch-MacArthur into a pre-K through eighth-grade campus will restore the middle school in the South Park neighborhood and provide the opportunity for students to participate in a new innovative program. Students and families will have the unique advantage of working with the same administrative team which leads to program continuity and a smooth transition into their middle school years.


Why is the campus phasing in one grade level at a time instead of bringing all previous South Park students back to the Pietzsch-MacArthur campus?


The programming at Pietzsch-MacArthur will not follow all elements of a typical middle school structure. Therefore, this strategy allows us to gradually introduce the change in a structured fashion while also eliminating another transition for students who have already begun middle school at another campus.


How were students selected to attend Pietzsch-MacArthur for sixth-grade?


The old South Park attendance zone was used to determine students that would attend Pietzsch-MacArthur for sixth-grade. Additionally, students who attended Pietzsch-MacArthur for their fifth-grade year and are zoned to other middle schools will have the opportunity to remain at Pietzsch-MacArthur.


What will make this campus unique?


Pietzsch-MacArthur will be the only pre-K through sixth-grade campus in the district. The campus will have a fine arts focus. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in unique CTE pathways such as digital communications and ESports.


What will the school hours be for sixth-grade students?

Pietzsch-MacArthur will follow the elementary hours of operation for ALL grades which are 8:05 a.m.-3:25 p.m.


Will the rules be the same for sixth-grade students?

Sixth-grade students will follow the same rules they have been accustomed to during their pre-K through fifth-grade years. This continuity lessens the time teachers and administrators need to spend on teaching processes, protocols and procedures.   


If I already have a student that is being bussed to King or Vincent, do I have the option to enroll my sixth-grader at King or Vincent?


At this time, sibling transfers will not be accepted.  


If my student is zoned to Pietzsch-MacArthur and I prefer that they attend a traditional middle school, do I have the option to transfer?


Parents will have the option to send their child to Smith Middle School if they prefer a traditional middle school setting.


Will my child have the opportunity to participate in all of the extracurricular activities offered at other middle schools (i.e. sports, cheerleading/dance, band, clubs)?


Similar to fifth grade, sixth-grade students will participate in UIL academic meets and  intramural sports.  Beginning in 2021-22, seventh graders will participate in UIL academic and athletic competitions with competing campuses.


Will sixth-grade Special Education Students stay at Pietzsch-MacArthur?


Fifth-grade students who are enrolled in specialized classes through our Special Education Department and entering sixth grade will attend the campus designated by the ARD committee.


Will both schools be called Pietzsch-MacArthur?

Although the students will be housed in two facilities (Pietzsch-MacAthur & South Park Facility), the campus will be named Pietzsch-MacArthur.


Will sixth-grade students be required to wear uniforms?

Students will follow the uniform guidelines already established for sixth-grade students in the district. Please visit the link below for details.


Middle School Dress Code