Residency Verification Information


The Beaumont Independent School District and its many campuses are a highly preferred choice among families for their student’s education. There have been some instances for enrollment into the District’s schools by falsifying documents to reflect an address within the district’s boundaries or more specifically, within a particular attendance zone. BISD is making a concerted effort to ensure that students who reside within our District boundaries and/or assigned attendance zones, have a seat available for them at their home school. 

Why is the district doing this? 

  • The district continues to experience families falsifying residency within the district. This issue has surfaced to varying degrees at all district schools. BISD is in no way trying to reduce or restrict enrollment for students legally entitled to receive a public education within the district or at a specific campus. Our goal is simply to meet the needs of our community and ensure tax dollars and resources are used to best serve our students without negative compromise to the educational services and programs to which they are entitled.
  • Further, the Texas Education Code stipulates the district must keep verification of residence as part of our mandatory student audit records. Hence, the district also has an obligation by law to verify all of its students either legally reside within the boundaries of the district and particular attendance zone or are attending through an approved transfer agreement or some other measure as authorized by law.

Why are the guidelines so strict?

  • The guidelines are comparable to verification guidelines of other state agencies and school district's all over the state. The ability to adopt guidelines to establish residency in BISD should not be misinterpreted as the ability to redefine the legal concept of residency established by our state law. The traditional, basic residence criteria are “living in the district and having the present intention to remain there.” This general guideline permits enrollment into the District itself.
  • However, in order to confirm residency to enroll in a school in a specific attendance zone, the District requires one form of documentation from BOTH of the following two groups showing both the name and residence address of the parent/legal guardian (as appointed by court order). 

What residency documents are required?

Two Proofs of Residency*: one item from Column A and one item from Column B required below: (No PO Boxes or disconnect notices)

A.       Evidence of Ownership/Tenancy (1 item)

B.       Evidence of Occupation/Habitation (1 item)

o  Property deed or Current Year Property Tax Bill for BISD

o  Water, electric, gas, cable or home phone bill (dated within 60 days)

o  Mortgage Document/ Closing Papers (dated within 60 days)

o  Current Year County Motor Vehicle Registration

o  Executed residential lease or rental agreement (within 1 year)

o  Current Year W-2/IRS Statement  

o  Current landlord verification / with current proof of pymt.

o  Official correspondence from govt. agency (dated within 60 days)

Students who are in foster care, who are experiencing temporary homelessness or who are sharing the residence of family or friends should contact the zoned campus for assistance with residency information.

Students Enrolled in Violation of Board Policy

A student who enrolls in a school other than the one that serves the student's attendance zone without an approved transfer OR falsely under a shared residency affidavit, or as a homeless student shall be subject to immediate withdrawal from the district or return to the designated neighborhood campus. 

All residency documents are subject to verification by school officials and if falsification of information is determined, the district may pursue criminal charges in accordance with Section 37.10, Penal Code.