Jason's Project

Beaumont ISD is very fortunate to be able to continue participation in the JASON Project year after year. 

The JASON Project is science-based with Real Science, Real Research, and Real Learning in Real-Time that targets 5th- and 8th-grade students.  The respective grade level teachers are trained to tackle a real-world action problem like scientists.  The teachers then guide their students through a journey of understanding the problem and developing applicable solutions that culminate in a half-day session at Lamar University.  During the session at Lamar University students are immersed in multiple hands-on sessions where they investigate various aspects of the themed study problem, partake in an open discussion of a video presentation by Jason's student argonauts on a field excursion covering the study problem. 

Many members of the Beaumont Community have joined together year after year to fund and support the project for area students and teachers. 

 Jason's Project.Org

While Jason's has been canceled for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Can't wait to see you soon! 

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