Mission Statement

    Beaumont ISD is committed to ensuring that our students are able to pursue a fulfilling career ignited by their interests and abilities.  The district is dedicated to preparing students to be college and career ready.  College, Career, and Military Readiness is having the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the first year of college, workforce training, certificate programs, or requirements for military enlistment.


    Resources, Information, and Services

    • Career & Technology Education Information
    • Career Exploration
    • College Admission Information
    • College Entrance Exams and Preparation
    • Dual Credit Information
    • Financial Aid Information - FAFSA
    • Industry Certification Opportunities
    • Information on Colleges & Universities
    • Military Enlistment Information
    • Pre AP/AP Information
    • Scholarship Opportunities
    • School & Community Presentations
    • Student/Parent Informational Presentations
    • Student/Parent Workshops
    • Summer Program Information



    Beaumont ISD’s College, Career & Military Readiness Centers are a resource for students, parents, and the community regarding post-secondary educational opportunities.  The information available from the College, Career & Military Readiness Centers is provided as a free resource. While we strive to keep information accurate and up to date, Beaumont ISD has no control over changes, updates, or the practices of any post-secondary institutions, scholarship providers, or college and career entities.

    The Beaumont ISD Scholarship List is based on the most current information available.  Amounts, Deadlines, and Requirements are subject to change.  It is the student’s responsibility to meet deadline dates and provide the necessary documentation for the scholarship.  In addition, it is the student's responsibility to check personal email correspondence regarding scholarships, college admission requirements, and any other post-secondary ventures.  

    Beaumont ISD has no control over scholarships and/or awards.  This includes but is not limited to scholarship providers, the legality of scholarship/award, the accuracy of scholarship, or the ability of the scholarship provider to furnish the award.  Scholarship providers decide who the award recipient(s) will be. Therefore, applying for scholarships is at your own risk.